I didn’t expect that I would learn so much in 2 weeks: a programming language and its libraries, AI/machine learning and its applications, some college information, and that too all this with just 3 hours/day of interaction.
I think the course as a whole was a well-executed intensive one which helped me lay out the foundation of how I would like to integrate AI into my future endeavors.
I really loved the course. The exposure to AI was amazing and it really helped us gain an understanding of how AI can be incorporated in most industries.
Being a complete beginner when it comes to programming, I hardly felt the stress or difficulty get to me because the instructors were highly understanding and helpful.
I liked how the concepts were taught through notebooks which we can refer back to later on, if needed. Additionally, the fun, supportive environment allowed all of us to learn easily and quickly in an efficient manner.
I loved learning about all the new things... the camp made my boring summer vacation interesting! I can now relate to how AI is used in the real world.
It was an outstanding experience. The instructors did a great job of explaining challenging concepts in a simple, fun and interactive manner. This course has inspired me to work on an AI project on fake news.
I came in to the course with little knowledge in Python. I loved the friendliness of all the instructors, and I think these two weeks really changed my viewpoint towards CS and AI
It was a really great experience. I got to do things that I have never done before in my life, such as programming models for social benefit.
The course was super interactive, informative and engaging